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27 Prill 2012

Excellency Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
U. S. Department of State
2201C Street, NW
Washington, D. C. 20520
U. S. A.

Your Excellency,
On behalf of the Albanian-American Community, please allow us to take the opportunity to express our deep concerns about the serious situation of the Ethnic Albanians in the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia.
This situation is becoming unbearable and is threatening to spread on a daily basis.
With Your permission, we state some of the facts:
On February 28 of this year, in the town of Gostivar, two young ethnic Albanians were murdered by the Macedonian police. Although the official reason by the Internal Ministry of the Government of Macedonia was given as parking violation, an investigation was opened, but as far as we know, no further action has been taken.


On March 6 of this year, while coming home after taking part in a Mother’s Day (8th of March) festivities, travelling on a autobus of the line Shkup-Seta Petke, 15 school studentsof ethnic Albanian extraction were attacked and brutally beaten by 20 macedonian face-covered hoodlums. The students were taken to the hospital for medication. This act of savage was denounced nationally and internationally. But again, actions that were taken, were enough only to pacify the public opinion.  
The same situation arose in the town of Kumanovo, where the ethnic Albanian students were attacked  with stones, in an autobus a week later. Again, no action was taken by the police authorities.
On March 12 of this year, the Christian Organization (Hristianska Organizacija) a well-known slavic racist organization,  has shown publicly a video with the Albanian flag burning, with English sub-titles , with mask covered people and singing a Macedonian song and requesting the extermination of the ethnic Albanians. Again, unfortunately, the Interior Ministry has not taken any actions, as far as we know.
Very reliable various  ethnic Albanian sources  have informed us that people of ethnic Albanian extraction are under suspicion that the government is involved  behind these terrorict and racist acts. Although Prime Minister Nicolas Gruevski has denied it, the suspicion remains. This is confirmed by well known ethnic Albanian analysts, such as Kim Mehmeti, who in a recent article states that the ethnic cleansing in the lands with mixed ethnic Albanian minority, is a direct consequence of the  government circles, as it has been brought by the Albanian newspaper, Bota Sot (Today’s World) of Zurich, Switzerland on March 11, 2012. Two  other analysts  (Mehdi Hyseni in the newspaper Metropol on Line of March 16, 2012 and Gazmend Islami in Balli I Kombit of March 6, 2012) have arrived at the same conclusion.
On the other side, the Albanians everywhere, in Albania, in Kosove and in Belgium, have not accepted the Macedonian racist and terrorist behavior.  Peaceful demonstrations have taken place in the town of Burrel in Albania and in Bruxelles, Belgium.  The case in  point is the Albanian demonstration of Bruxelles in Belgium. The Albanians from Belgium itself and coming also from Germany, from the Netherland, from France and from Switzerland, have expressed their indignation towards the FYROM government for being so inactive and letting the situation go out of its hands. The demonstrators have raised their voice against the violence in Macedonia, against the terrorism  towards the ethnic  Albanians and for the total and without any restriction of the Ohri Agreements.
Illuminaries such as the Under Secretary of State, in Washington D. C.,  Philip Reeker and  Ralf Bret, Chief of OSCE Mission in Shkup, Macedonia, have expressed their concerns and have denounced all acts of violence. (See: Bota Sot newspaper of Zurich, Switzerland of March 12, 2012).
However, we cannot but express our deep concern that this situation of vicious terror and discrimination against the ethnic Albanians  by the Macedonians , is unbearable and can be spread at any time.
A well known American analysts, Janousz Bugajski, very recently , as reported by the Albanian newspaper, Shekulli on  March 23, 2012, wrote an article “Ethnic Time Bomb in Macedonia”.
He states the following:  The very serious danger that Macedonia faces today is not that of its name or that of integration in the NATO or Europian Union, but the inter-relation with the ethnic Albanians…
“Above all, the Shkup government cannot rely anymore on the ethnic Albanians. A conflict with them may bring to a territorial division…”
Therefore, needless to say, Your close attention and a quick solution to this situation are very important!
Very truly yours,

Balli Kombetar  In Exile
Dr. Nihat Bakalli, Chairman                           Rev. H. J. Azemi, Vice Chairman
March 30, 2012

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