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29 Dhjetor 2010

MAT - The Katuci family in Gurre city of Mat continues to shrug their shoulders while listening to the accusations of their family, that their home was used to hold Serbian victims for organ transplants.

News 24 was able to get a statement from the family of Abdulla Katuci, after the publication of the report from reports of KE, Dick Marty that underlines that he has proof that their home, known as "The Yellow House," was used as a home for organ transplants of Serbian victims by the UCK.

Abudlla Katuci claims that during his visit to "The Yellow House" two years ago, Dick Marty attempted to deposit human remains in the home, while at the same time is asking the state sue the reporter of KE and the former chief of the Hague.  Katuci denies all the accusations of the report, and has also denied allegations that Lulezim Basha has visited their home.



"The cars had bones of dead bodies that they wanted to leave in my house. But we stopped them otherwise they would have thrown them inside.  We have been being harassed for 7 years by these accusations against us. This is unfair and we do not know how to solve this matter. I have no knowledge that Lulezim Basha has been here, I don't even know him personally other than seeing him on television" states Abdulla Katuci.

The residents state that they are sure they have never seen any prisoners, civil or military, to have been captured against their will, while at the same time stating that two years ago, a foreign investigation group searched through their two-story home. According to the Katuci family, the results of this former investigation proved against Dick Marty's allegations, as well as the allegations from the former chief Carla Del Ponte, during the publication of her book "Hunting."

Source: BalkanWeb

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