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25 Qershor 2011
Hillary Rodham Clinton
Secretary of State
U. S. Department of State
2201 C Street NW
Washington, D. C.  20520

Your Excellency,
On behalf of the Albanian – American Community , we extend again our congratulations for your “job” well done in protecting the human rights in various parts of the world, in particular way for those people, that today are not able to express freely their sentiments in defense of democracy.
At the same time, please allow us to stress again the very dangerous situation that now exists in the Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia.
As Your Excellency is aware of the very recent parliamentary elections  in that country, as expected, confirmed  the victory of the Conservative Party, headed by Mr. Nicolas Gruevsky.

Unfortunately, however, as it has happened in the past, each and every promise as far as the ethnic Albanian “minority” is concerned, has not and will not be fulfilled by the government of Mr. Gruevsky. The ethnic Albanians still remain as  “second grade” citizens in Macedonia, in every aspect and in every step of the life.
Our various and very reliable sources have continued to confirm this desperate situation.
An Albanian-American  Community Delegation, from Chicago, Ill. headed by Mr. Xhevat Sherifi, at the end of March of this year, has visited Macedonia and has had the opportunity to exchange some of the facts regarding the ethnic Albanians, with the high officials  of the diplomatic corps in Shkup (Skopje). Again, unfortunately the situation has not changed, inspite of various efforts and interventions.
The Ohri Agreement, which would have been the corner stone of a possible collaboration among the governing “Macedonians” and the ethnic Albanians, has not been fulfilled.
In the places where the ethnic Albanians represent a majority, the official language still remains the Macedonian and the Albanian language is not allowed to be used. Also the Albanian flag has been prohibited  from the public places.
Ms. Radmila Secerinska, an official candidate of the Opposition Party for Prime Minister, in a meeting held in Tetovo on May 27th 2011, did not have any other way but to confirm  that in Macedonia today it is hard to start a business, but still it is harder if you are (ethnic) Albanian.
This may be confirmed by the actual situation of the working place in the factory Thermo-electranen “Oslomey”, where there are 1,200 workers, out of which only 130 ethnic Albanians, inspite of the fact that this factory is situated where there are about 98% ethnic Albanians. Lately, there have been hired 116 “Macedonians” and ONLY 15 ethnic Albanians.
In more than 335 governing institutions there is no ethnic Albanian.
Along side of this, we take the liberty to inform you that the name of  Mr. Menduh Thaci, Chairman of the Albanian Democratic Party (PDSH) in Macedonia,  is still in the list of U. S. Treasury of the individuals “for extremist activities, including obstructing or otherwise acting to undermine the Ohrid Framework Agreement of 2001 and peace and stability in Macedonia”, pursuant to Executive Order 13219. May we add our protest also to this act, for the reason that as far as we know, Mr. Thaci is not now and has never been engaged in extremist or terrorist activities. At the contrary, to our knowledge, he has always played a key role for the stability in Macedonia, inspite of the fact of the very difficult situation in that country.
The ethnic Albanians of the Former Yougoslav Republic of Macedonia take the liberty to address their difficult  situation to you as a staunch defender of the human rights. A swift and rights solution of their requests would help very much to stabilize that country.
Very truly yours,

The Union of Kosovars in Exile
Dr. Nihat Bakalli, Acting Chairman                                       Rev. H. J.Azem, Vice Chairman
13926 S. Marybrook Drive - #2
Plainfield, Ill. 60544

Chicago, June 10th 2011

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